January 1, 2019OPEN‼ Free parking


If you live in Ishikawa prefecture until April 28, 4th year of Reiwa, you can use the prefectural discount.Those who use it will only accept phone calls.For more information, call directly(090-5173-8680)

A new style starts in Kanazawa・・・

〇Comfortable accommodation plan with new capsule beds.
〇, Private Room: All rooms with semi-double beds and free movie viewing (Netfrix (movie)) plan

KAKANAZAWA-YA kanazawaya by the facility in the entire renovation on January 1, 2019
I was reborn. The floor, walls, and electrical equipment are all up to date.

First floor: 14 capsule beds. All rooms have TV, 2 outlets, Ventilation fan, illumination

Second floor: 2 private rooms. Room 201 Twin Room(2 semi double beds)With veranda
        Room 202 Triple Room(3 semi double beds)Relax

*Served only without meals.

Home style capsule Hostel

  • The "KAKANAZAWA-YA" is evolving and growing by receiving customer feedback every day.

    What is a new style?・・・
    "KAKANAZAWA-YA""Home style capsule Hostel』\
    Probably the first style in Japan.

    First floor: 14 capsule bedrooms
    Second floor: 2 private rooms
    3rd floor: Staff Room
    This style ensures high quality, cleanliness, excellent prices, safety, security, and kindness.

Hotel Facilities

  • Food counter (1st floor 2nd floor)

    Enjoy meals and beverages brought in at the food counter.

    There are plenty of outlets, so it's okay to use a PC or mobile phone.
    Relax at night and drink, or relax in the morning with a pleasant sunrise.
  • shower room (Available 24 hours)

    3 shower rooms installed, (One of them is for women only)
    Shampoo, conditioner, body soap free
    Body sponge・Shaving・Toothbrush free
  • Dressing room

    laundry・Dryer・detergent, Free
    Hairdressing fee・Shaving・toothbrush・Comb・Cleansing oil・puff
    Hairdryer・paper cup・Face towel・bath towel, Free
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Google Map

Hotel Name



2-68 Takao Minami, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Telephone number



If you come by car, get off at Morimoto IC from Kanto / Toyama area and follow the Yamagawa Kanjo Road. (Prefectural Route 22)
Kansai / Fukui direction, get off at Mikawa IC and go to the Yamagawa Kanjo Road. (Prefectural Route 22)
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How to enter

  • Weekdays: From Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 21:00, self check-in is required.

    We will send you the PIN code at the entrance.
    Please use the PIN to unlock the entrance and enter the room.
    Room from the information board in this facility,
    Lockers are available.
    If you are in a private room, there is a locker for the room.
    Please use the room on the 2nd floor with your key.
    Please use the facility freely after entering the building.
    Access is also free.

    *Anytime you do n’t understand
    Please rest assured that you can respond by phone.
    For security purposes, security cameras have aisles and a front desk.
    Please understand that we manage.

    *The staff is always on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

076-298-9000 ・ 090-5173-8680 (Yamamoto)